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Why I Started a Mens’ Group

I could start this post telling you about male suicide statistics, which are higher than ever, and rising. I could talk about mental health awareness week, and how men struggle to express their feelings. Those are facts – and we have all heard those before. We...

How to boss your phone and get productive again

J.K. Rowling’s early writing ritual is a productivity legend. Every morning, she would take her seat in an Edinburgh cafe, settle her baby daughter down to sleep and put her ideas to paper. She was an unknown, unpublished writer with a dream. The year was 1995,...

THE UNRAVELING – a male perspective

So…this was a challenge. Maria just handed me her 5000 word blog post (which you should definitely read before reading this) and sweetly said “Honey, can I have the male perspective on this?” So, here is my side of the story, in a few less words! It all really...

How to get fitter by copying ducks

Imagine you have had a terrible day at work, your boss was horrible to you, or you had a run in with a friend. You arrive home in a foul mood, not wanting to talk to your family, and generally feeling pretty wound up and grumpy. What could you do with that pent up...

How to make successful New Years Resolutions

Typically, most of us would have over indulged over the festive period. Naturally in the New Year, our attention turns to making changes to what we eat, to getting fit, or giving up bad habits. We tell ourselves that this is the year that things are going to be...


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