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The truth about why self care is so essential

IF I KNOW EXERCISE WILL MAKE ME FEEL GOOD, AND IT'S GOOD FOR ME, WHY DO I RESIST IT SO MUCH? If you ask most people, why they don't take regular exercise, they will tell you its because they don't have time. They are too busy to work out, take care of themselves or...

Are you ready to be fit and healthy?

Now you might think that is a very odd question. After all, who wouldn’t want to be fit and healthy. Who wouldn’t want to be in good shape both physically and mentally? Surely you would be crazy if you didn’t, wouldn’t you? So why is it, when we all know what to do,...


This post really strongly sums up how I feel right now. This post is a bit of a vent, and a request too. Let me explain. I won't go into details on my body transformation, as you can read all about it here. But at 43, I am lucky to have got to a point that I love my...

My transformation journey

We all like a good fat to fit story don't we? I never thought I would be writing one, but then I never thought I would get to 17st ( 108kg/238lbs) either! I was very sporty and never had a weight problem as a child. This all changed once I entered the world of work....

The Best Way to Lose Fat if you are Over 40

I have lost count of the number of articles I have seen about why the over 40s should be following a "special" diet in order to lose body fat. It's also a common question that I get asked by my over 40's clients too. But what is the truth? Do we need to follow a...

Is Mindset,Willpower, Motivation Or Something Else?

This Blog Post is all about Mindset. Mindset when it comes to health, fitness or weight loss often confuses people. What is Mindset exactly? Some people say that Mindset is purely being in the right frame of mind, or having the right attitude to do something. However,...

Healthy Food Choices at Christmas

The Festive Season, is always the time when I get asked for healthy food choices. It’s really a difficult time for most people as not only are we often socialising more and with office or Christmas parties, we are off work and out of our usual routine. Couple this...

In pursuit of happiness

Am I happy? Is that a question you ever ask yourself, and if you do, what exactly does happy mean to YOU? Is happiness relative to your circumstances, for example? If your life has lots of challenges, and obstacles, are you going to find it much harder to be happy?...


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