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15 lessons about diet & exercise

This post follows on from my body transformation blog post ( since it was getting rather long). The lessons are from a journey I started almost 8 years ago now – and it never really ends! 1. Losing weight in isolation … will rarely make you happy, at least...

How to get fitter by copying ducks

Imagine you have had a terrible day at work, your boss was horrible to you, or you had a run in with a friend. You arrive home in a foul mood, not wanting to talk to your family, and generally feeling pretty wound up and grumpy. What could you do with that pent up...

Are you ready to be fit and healthy?

Now you might think that is a very odd question. After all, who wouldn’t want to be fit and healthy. Who wouldn’t want to be in good shape both physically and mentally? Surely you would be crazy if you didn’t, wouldn’t you? The truth is, we all know what to do. The...

Why are you not looking after yourself?

If you ask most people, why they don’t take time out for themselves they will tell you its because they don’t have time. They are too busy to work out, take care of themselves, or even to eat healthy foods. If this sounds like you, have you ever thought...

My body transformation journey

Where to start? I will try not to bore you to death with small details ( this might be hard – as I noticed when I write I definitely labor the point!). I did not not get fit until pretty late in life. As these stories go – I had a light bulb moment after...


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