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Why I Started a Mens’ Group

I could start this post telling you about male suicide statistics, which are higher than ever, and rising. I could talk about mental health awareness week, and how men struggle to express their feelings. Those are facts – and we have all heard those before. We...

How to boss your phone and get productive again

J.K. Rowling’s early writing ritual is a productivity legend. Every morning, she would take her seat in an Edinburgh cafe, settle her baby daughter down to sleep and put her ideas to paper. She was an unknown, unpublished writer with a dream. The year was 1995,...

Are you ready to be part of the solution?

Yesterday I saw something on Facebook, that tipped the balance on writing this post for me. There is a lot of going on on the internet and in the media right now, following Caroline Flack taking her own life. What happened was tragic, and unnecessary, and...

The Lost Art of Conversation

I want you to think back to your last social situation. Last conversation. Chances are you won’t remember much, as most conversations in those scenarios are fairly superficial. We ask each other how we are, we all say “I’m fine” and we move on....

15 lessons about diet & exercise

This post follows on from my body transformation blog post ( since it was getting rather long). The lessons are from a journey I started almost 8 years ago now – and it never really ends! 1. Losing weight in isolation … will rarely make you happy, at least...

11 Signs of High-Functioning Depression: Do You See Yourself In This List?

If I were to ask you to picture and describe a depressed person, what would you envision? Someone having trouble getting out of bed every day? Someone who’s calling into work sick because they can’t leave the house? Someone who’s isolated from friends and possibly...


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