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Why I Started a Mens’ Group

I could start this post telling you about male suicide statistics, which are higher than ever, and rising. I could talk about mental health awareness week, and how men struggle to express their feelings. Those are facts – and we have all heard those before. We...

A love letter to my Babcia

February 14th. The day we celebrate love. Not just romantic love. For me it’s a day of remembrance. This day marks the day my sweet grandma left this world, and I cannot even get my head around the fact it’s been 19 years. I still see her in my...

THE UNRAVELING – a story of a Midlife Opportunity

Today I’m going to tell you a story. The story that leads to the launch of this website, and the WHY behind it. I hope that what you are about to read, will resonate with you in some away, especially if you are a woman standing at Midlife’s door. This blog...

THE UNRAVELING – a male perspective

So…this was a challenge. Maria just handed me her 5000 word blog post (which you should definitely read before reading this) and sweetly said “Honey, can I have the male perspective on this?” So, here is my side of the story, in a few less words! It all really...

My body transformation journey

Where to start? I will try not to bore you to death with small details ( this might be hard – as I noticed when I write I definitely labor the point!). I did not not get fit until pretty late in life. As these stories go – I had a light bulb moment after...

My body transformation journey

We all like a good fat to fit story don’t we? I never thought I would be writing one, but then I never thought I would get to 17st ( 108kg/238lbs) either! I was very sporty and never had a weight problem as a child. This all changed once I entered the world of...


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