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Therapeutic Life Coach

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Rewind Practitioner

Mindfulness Trainer

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and I’m a Therapeutic Life Coach. My passion is connection and can I help you build better relationships, not just with your loved ones but also with yourself.

Please scroll down to see the full range of services, and give me a call if you need any further clarification.

In life, sometimes we get stuck and simply don’t know what we need to move forward.

Therapeutic coaching is a fairly new approach – it intergrates coaching and therapy. Basically, it’s like coaching on steroids.

We will work mainly looking forward into the future, and work on your goals and dreams.

Sometimes this is not possible, especially if you have something from your past blocking your progress. If we need to address any blocks, this needn’t be hours of talking and dredging up the past. There are quick and effective ways of dealing with past issues & traumas, if that’s what you want to do.


One of my special skills is being able to see both the big picture, and the smaller parts that need to make things work.  You may be going through a career change, building a new business, or you already work for yourself. But you are lacking clarity. You have many solutions, and many ideas. You are motivated, but your focus is everywhere, and you are getting nowhere. You want to work with someone who will help clear the fog, and map out a strategy. Most often this works best combined with coaching. My experience is based on building several businesses over the last 17 years.

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The best way to find out if I can help, is to talk to me.

I much prefer a chat on the phone so we can get a feel for each other. If we are the right fit, we can then discuss the way forward.

My core values are honesty and directness, which means I won’t appeal to everyone. When you are trying to make changes, resistance is high – it’s not an easy process. I’m there to hold your hand, cheer you on, and help you stay on track. Or just listen.

I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear, stroke your ego or make any judgements. Below are some of the things I can work on with you – this list is not exhaustive.

Midlife issues
Relationship coaching
Stress and Anxiety management
Trauma & PTSD
Imposter syndrome
Low self esteem
Overwhelm, feeling stuck and lack of clarity
Anger management
Business strategy

I work via SKYPE, ZOOM or Face-to-Face. If you are not quite ready to work with a coach, you may prefer an online course. The first one is currently under development. Sign up HERE to know when it is released!

I will help you using methods that resonate with you and work FOR YOU.

Relationship Coaching

A solution focused approach that finds you where you are. I won’t be sitting here nodding my head and saying “mhmmm” every now and again. My aim is to find out where you want to go, and focus on your strengths to help you get there. If you are having relationship issues, it’s because in some way, your or your partners needs are not being met. So let’s face up to the issues, and get them sorted. It can be hard work but the rewards are immense.

Transformation Days

Prefer the all or nothing approach, and want a cathartic day? Then a Transformation day is for you. I will break you down, bit by bit and then I will put you back together again. You will walk away empowered, and on a high. I will give you all the tools you need to go forward and to achieve long lasting change (because highs always wear off).

Are you brave enough to be honest with yourself?

The REWIND technique

A simple and effective way to help you reclaim your life. The Rewind technique is effective for treating PTSD, and can also help survivors of abuse, rape, fire, violence, car accidents & other life threatening events. Trauma can result in depression, anger, daily anxiety, addictions & a feeling of being unable to move on with your life. You can be successfully detraumatized in 1-2 sessions. The Rewind Technique is effective in 90% of cases.

If you are constantly re-living your trauma in your head, it’s finally time for some mental peace.


Business coaching & consulting

As an ongoing service, this is about helping you achieve your goals, big and small. If you have big dreams, you need to start working towards them. Stop waking up every day and hoping things will happen magically. Stop looking at your massive to-do list, and going to bed feeling like a failure. Start by having a laser coaching session where we look at the big picture, and together we make a plan to help you move forward.

We always overestimate what can be achieved in 1 year, but underestimate what can be achieved in 5 years. Where could you be in 5 years?

ANGER management

Do you spend a lot of your time on the edge of anger? Half of the time without even knowing why? Anything can set you off – you feel like a walking time bomb. The vicious cycle of anger can be soul destroying. When you see what it does to those around you, especially your loved ones – it makes you feel regret – and then more anger. You end up angry about feeling angry.

The big question is – are you ready to let it go?

Health & wellness coaching

Wellness is a very broad term and often means different things to different people. I can help you with anything from stress & anxiety management, to weightloss to recovery after a serious illness. My job is to help you, help yourself. To empower you to change things in your life, that are blocking you from being well.

Even if currently things feel hopeless, I am confident that there is something we can do together to move past any challenges you are facing.


Mindfulness is one of those words that we hear a lot about. Many people confuse it with meditation, or find the concept generally off putting. The reality is to become mindful, is to simply become more aware. More aware of your body, your actions, and how your emotions and reactions affect you and other people around you. Learning this skill early on in life is extremely valuable. Children grow up to be calmer teens, and teens to be less stressed adults. The courses are a mixture of psycho education and practical exercises. They will take place on a weekday late afternoon, over a period of 8 weeks and each session will last 2 hours. Please enquire if you would like to be notified of the next course dates. The location will be at our Wellness Studio in North Waltham, Hampshire. There will be a limited amount of spaces available.

Change comes when you realize life doesn’t happen TO YOU, it happens FOR YOU.

what my clients say


Signing up for a laser coaching session with Maria was one of the best decisions I’ve made for Food Is Life. Before sitting down with Maria I knew I wanted my nutrition business to take over the world, and she’s one of the first people that didn’t laugh in my face and understood my hunger and determination to make that happen. Maria took in every detail of my business, personal life and my goals to help me unpick key areas, so I could get a bigger bang for my buck. To say she’s changed the way I work is an understatement. From time management during the week, to working on aspects of social media and branding, I will be forever grateful to Maria for pushing me to the next level and more than anything, believing in me and Food Is Life. She’s a very smart lady in many areas of life and business, and if you’re a business that wants to grow but are not sure how to do it, there’s nobody else on this planet I would recommend more!


Maria’s straight-talking approach was just what I needed. I was feeling overwhelmed with options, and she gave me the space to fully explore them. Her feedback was direct and grounded in common sense. Coaching helped me to clarify my goals, understand my motivations and prioritise. Four months later, I’ve been able to implement the things I was struggling with. Maria isn’t afraid to challenge, and her no-bullshit approach is appreciated. She is the procrastination slayer. She also brings her warm sense of humour into every session. I’d recommend Maria’s coaching to anyone feeling adrift or stuck. She has a combo of energy, empathy, life experience and proven business expertise. Don’t pass up the opportunity to benefit from this.


I have been seeing Maria for over six months and have found her to be very professional and attentive. Maria provides insight into the way that the brain and body function when certain situations arise, and that education really helped me to understand what is happening. She also gave me some good exercises to work on when they do. I have been extremely impressed with both her knowledge and advice, enabling me to start changing my mindset and becoming a more confident and happier person.The sessions are relaxed, and you feel safe that there is no judgement – just an understanding ear.


I recently took a 1:1 business strategy workshop with Maria. I was suffering from a lack of direction and motivation, and knew that I needed a coach with a no-nonsense, direct approach to problem solving. Maria is that and a lot more. She told me what I needed (rather than wanted) to hear, and supported me in setting achievable and sustainable business goals. Her help has gone beyond our initial session together – she has been generously available to answer my questions, and has helped keep me on track by checking on my progress regularly. I would thoroughly recommend Maria for anyone needing some help in getting their business more organised and profitable.