Hi there. I’m Wayne. I’m 55 years young and passionate about staying healthy and fit, especially later in life. I used to work in the City of London, then became a stay at home dad, and then retrained to be a personal trainer at 49.

I specialize in working with the 40 + population. Helping them with weight management, rehab & getting as fit as possible while avoiding injury. I am also a qualified Nutrition Coach.

My wellness journey started late in life at 48, and you can read about it below. You can also gain some insight to the personal transformation I have gone through due to some massive changes Maria experienced. It’s certainly been a journey, and one that really required me to get outside of my comfort zones.



Hey, I’m Maria, the other half of TN40. I’m what I would call multi passionate – so many things excite me!

Just like Wayne I used to work in London, in Financial Services. When our daughter was born, I retrained as a photographer and that has been my career for 16 years. I have also built several other small businesses during that time.

Over the last 7 years I have obtained qualifications in fitness as well as in coaching.  I love learning and sharing my knowledge to help others become happier. Especially those who have reached a transitional point in their life, are stuck, and feel they need MORE. I am especially passionate about the strength that couples have when properly connected and navigate life as a team.