Hi, I’m Wayne, and I’m 56. I was once the typical male – old fashioned, alpha, and all I wanted was an easy life. Which I kind of still do – don’t we all?

Three marriages and four children taught me that life isn’t always simple. Over the years I learned that my happiness, is my responsibility. I slowly worked through my issues, and stopped avoiding difficult emotions. It was hard, but worth it. And it didn’t make me any less of a man.


I used to work in the financial sector in London, then became a stay at home dad. I retrained to be a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach at 49. Having gone through so many changes later in life, really helped to open my eyes to what I had been missing out on.

As well as helping people with their fitness, I also help men to be more authentic, thrive in their relationships and allow themselves to just be human. This doesn’t mean losing their masculinity, but reframing what masculinity really is.

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Hey, I’m Maria, I’m 44 and the other half of TN40.

I’m the reformed control freak. I spent most of my life thinking my perfectionism was the answer to everything. Always on the run from one thing to the next, trying to be everything to everyone.

After my wake up call, the last 4 years have been about doing THE WORK. The payoff is that I no longer wake up with a tight feeling in my chest, and stress isn’t the most often used word in my vocabulary.


I worked in London, in Financial Services for about 8 years. When our daughter was born, I retrained as a photographer and that has been my career for 17 years. Alongside winding my photography career down, I have re-trained as a Therapeutic Coach.

I specialise in helping you get your life back on track – this includes but is not limited to relationships, health, wellness & business.

My driving force is honesty & extreme ownership coupled with compassion.