Are you ready for this? No seriously, are you ACTUALLY ready?

Bceause if you are not, then that’s ok. We believe you have to like and trust people you work with – after all this is the internet and we could be anyone. So if you would prefer to get to know us first, hop into the Facebook group or sign up the FREE 30 DAY CHALLENGE on the HOME page.

By the time you are finished with the challenge we will be like old friends.

If however, you are ready to jump in then please check out the options below, and in the first instance please book a consult call with us. Tell us exactly what you need help with and we can find out if we are a good match.



Looking for a coach? Great – let us know what you need help with. Sessions can take place at our private studio in Hampshire or they can be done online. These can be combined with 1: 1 Skype support and prices vary according to circumstances, and the level of accountability required.


Private gym in Hampshire

Want to start training but have no clue where to start? We offer personal training for both beginners & intermediate exercisers. If you are worried about a current injury, are post op, Wayne is the perfect coach for you. We can also train you at home.


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Since starting my training with Wayne I have seen steady improvement in my overall fitness and strength. The workouts have been measured and at an intensity level that have been manageable and have meant swift improvement without injury. This measured approach is very reassuring for a middle aged body (50) that was unfit when we first met.

James Hewetson-Brown

It has really helped me to have Wayne tracking my nutrition.  It makes me feel more accountable, and Wayne has helped me tweak my meals to achieve results.  It has also made me more “mindful’ in my food choices.  If I do decide to treat myself, and I now feel I can do it without feeling huge guilt. Working with Wayne has changed my mindset.
I have also really enjoyed achieving greater fitness through my training, overcoming operations and injuries, and losing weight and inches in the process. He really keeps me motivated, and we have a laugh too!!

Kate Gibbons

Wayne takes great care to understand exactly what I want out of training, and always challenges me just enough. I have definitely seen improvements in my fitness and stamina since I started with him, AND it is fun!
Caroline Sykes

Signing up for a laser coaching session with Maria was one of the best decisions I’ve made for Food Is Life. Before sitting down with Maria I knew I wanted my nutrition business to take over the world, and she’s one of the first people that didn’t laugh in my face and understood my hunger and determination to make that happen. Maria took in every detail of my business, personal life and my goals to help me unpick key areas I could get a bigger bang for my buck. To say she’s changed the way I work is an understatement. From time management during the week, to working on aspects of social media and branding, I will be forever grateful to Maria for pushing me to the next level and more than anything, believing in me and Food Is Life. She’s a very smart lady in many areas of life and business, and if you’re a business that wants to grow but are not sure how to do it, there’s nobody else on this planet I would recommend more

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